Welcome to the National Support Network for Victims of Identity Theft, the first online forum where victims and consumers can get real help, share their stories, vent a little, and get advice from a great team of qualified experts.

Whether you’re a victim of the latest data breach, you’re not really sure, or just need some advice, we’re here for you

Here’s how it works

  • You can post a question on anything related to identity theft, fraud, scams, recent data breaches. You can ask for advice or help, general or specific. And there are no dumb questions.
  • You can comment on other people’s experiences.
  • You can share your own story and experiences, and we hope you will.
  • You can vent, as loud and as long as you want, about how all these crimes and breaches affect you.
  • You can get answers directly in the forum, from real experts, or you can speak directly with a counselor by phone.

How to get started

  • First you have to register. That’s mainly to keep the scammers and spammers at bay.
  • We ask you for your name (it can be fake) and your email address (to notify you whenever there are any responses to your postings.
  • We only display whatever first name you choose. Nothing else. We never share your information, including email address, with anyone.

Once you’re registered you can post anything you want

  • But…. it won’t be posted immediately. We review every single post first to make sure it’s not a scam or spam, and that you’re not revealing anything about yourself that you shouldn’t.
  • Once the post is approved (usually in a few minutes), your post will go live, you’ll get an email notification, and you’ll be able to view and respond to any other comments.
  • Everyone designated as a Moderator is a member of our team, a vetted volunteer with a deep background in areas like identity theft, fraud, cybercrime, scams, and law enforcement.


Experienced identity theft experts from the Identity Theft Council, the Identity Theft Resource Center, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, law enforcement, financial crimes experts and many others. All giving their time free of charge for a greater good. You.

Victim Support Hotline

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About Operation Stop IT!

Operation Stop IT! is a new collaboration between law enforcement, victim support groups, and local communities to find better ways to protect consumers and support victims

How To Contact Us

The International Association of Chiefs of Police
The Identity Theft Council
The Identity Theft Resource Center
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