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We want to make a real and permanent impact on identity theft and all the other crimes it connects to, to completely change the way we fight the crime, and we can’t do it alone.

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We’re looking for all kinds of volunteers to help us organize and run a national campaign of community-focused identity protection workshops in every state across the country throughout 2018 and beyond.

Engage other volunteers. Use your professional or social networks, or co-workers, to encourage more volunteers to take part. The more people are involved, the greater our reach and the less each individual will have to do.

Consider being a speaker, or suggesting a speaker you know. We'll provide the training and materials and in most cases the presentations will be panel discussions - so less pressure!

Find a school to host. This is more important than it might appear. Schools are not only a great (and usually free) central location in every community, they also bring in students, parents and teachers - which means even more opportunities to spread the message. Maybe you have friends on Facebook who have kids in high school? Plant the seed with them.

Get Organizing – work with our other partners that might be in your community, like credit unions, banks and law enforcement, to organize an event in your area, liaise with other volunteers and with speakers, partners, and locations (like schools).

Technical skills? Help with our website, forums, list management, security.

Marketing and PR. Help us to engage local and national media, with social engagement, design and content, writing and distributing press releases, creating media kits etc.

Spread the word

Maybe you work for a business, non-profit or government agency. Maybe you can get word out to your co-workers and let them know about the campaign and our website. Or maybe even share the news with your customers – we’re sure they’ll appreciate the heads up.


We already have the support of nearly a dozen national organizations including the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the Credit Union National Association, the American Bankers Association, the Identity Theft Resource Center, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Independent Community Bankers of America and many others.


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About Operation Stop IT!

Operation Stop IT! is a new collaboration between law enforcement, victim support groups, and local communities to find better ways to protect consumers and support victims

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