Share Your Story

We want to hear from you, and with your permission, share your story so that others can learn from your experience.

If you were a victim of identity theft or any other scam, tell us about it. What kind of crime was it? How did it impact you? How much effort was involved in clearing it up? How long have you been dealing with the aftermath? What would you change to make things easier for victims in the future?

We'd also love to hear from business owners, law enforcement, fraud investigators, legal and privacy experts, and anyone else who has useful insight that others can learn from.

You'll need to register to share your story, but we won't share any of your personal or contact information. We'll only use it to follow up if we want to learn more about your experience. And you don't need to use your real name either.

Our National Support Network For Victims of Identity Theft will be launching shortly, where you'll be able to speak directly with our experts and counselors at no cost.

If you need help in the meantime, please call our non-profit partner The Identity Theft Resource Center at 1-888-400-5530 to speak to a live counselor.

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Victim Support Hotline

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About Operation Stop IT!

Operation Stop IT! is a new collaboration between law enforcement, victim support groups, and local communities to find better ways to protect consumers and support victims

How To Contact Us

The International Association of Chiefs of Police
The Identity Theft Council
The Identity Theft Resource Center
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