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bH2O - How Bad Water Turns Good
bH2O is on a simple but critical mission - to find better ways to turn Greywater back into reusable water, to both help conserve this valuable and shrinking resource and to make water available in places it normally isn't.
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About bH2O

Our mission is to make water go further and do more.  As water becomes an increasingly scarce and valuable commodity, it’s up to all of us to find better ways to manage this precious resource.
At bH2O, our goal is to use the latest technologies to help reclaim, treat, and reuse water in environments where much of it has typically been wasted – places like wineries, breweries, golf courses and commercial agriculture. Learn how we do it.


Turning water into wine is the easy part. Reclaiming, treat, and reusing waste water from that process is not just important, it's now required .

Golf Courses

As water management becomes an increasing priority for golf courses, BH20 can help ensure that only the highest quality reclaimed water makes it back into your environment.

About Us

Did you know that 70% of the world's water is used for irrigation, or that it takes nearly 800 gallons of water to produce enough food to feed one person for a day? 

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Home Water Waste 95%
Landscape Water Waste 50%
Water To Make 1 Gallon Of Beer 296 Gals 
Water To Make 1 Gallon Of Wine 872 Gals

Our Location

bH2O is based in San Ramon California, in the San Francisco East Bay and just 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

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